Brady BMP41 Portable Printer w/ AC Adapter - 300 dpi


The BMP41 printer is a highly adaptable portable solution that can utilize Brady brand printing cartridges or continuous tapes and die-cut labels up to one inch in width.  The BMP41 can also perform in stand-alone or peripheral modes making it easily convertable for many functions.

  • 300  dpi
  • 1in Max Print Width
  • Portable Stand-Alone or Peripheral Printer w/ 2.6in LCD display and full QWERTY Keyboard

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Full Description

The BMP41 portable Label Printer is a mid-range handheld labeling solution that can print up to 300 labels per day. Not only that, but it can print die-cut or continuous labels up to 1" wide.This printer is a rugged device that withstands harsh conditions. Whether it is sweltering or frigid, it will get the job done where you need it. Also, it is built with additional protection to survive falls of up to six feet high.With an ergonomic design, long rechargeable battery life and easy-to-use features, this printer is engineered for the worker on-the-go.