QuickLabel Kiaro! 200D Inkjet Color Label Printer


The Kiaro! 200D is a wide-format, durable pigment inkjet printer:

  • Print speed up to 6 inches per second (30 ft per minute)
  • Exceptional print resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • Print width 4.3” to 8.4”
  • Produce BS5609 and GHS Standard certified labels
  • Perfect for larger products such as pallets, gallon/liter jugs and barrels
Full Description

The K-200D prints some of the widest labels in the Kiaro! Line. This printer can print labels that are between 4"-8" wide and greater than 17" long. The K-200D produces labels with quality and durability top of mind. At 1200 dpi, these four-color labels can withstand environments, including water submission, dirt, UV rays, and abrasion.


The pigmented ink formula used on QuickLabel's qualified label stocks, comply with GHS hazard warning labeling regulation and is also BS5609 certified.

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