Brady thermal transfer label printers are available in portable, desktop and industrial models for your on-demand label printing.

Save 30% on the following Brady label printers now through May 30, 2014.

» Brady BMP71 portable label printer

» Brady BBP31 desktop label printer

» Brady BBP33 desktop label printer

» Brady BBP85 industrial sign and label printer

» Brady GlobalMark MultiColor industrial sign and label printer

» GlobalMark Color and Cut industrial sign and label printer

Whether you print shrink sleeves or self laminating wire markers; barcode labels for product and component identification; colorful facility and safety signs; or laboratory microscope slide or cryovial labels, Brady has the right printer and high-performance label materials for your application.

Call Dasco toll-free at 1-877-855-2235, and we will help you select the best label printer for your application. And call now to save 30% on Brady BMP71, BBP31, BBP33, BBP85, and Globalmark printers!