Smearing ink. Illegible handwriting. Unreliable adhesive.

Where handwritten lab labels fail,
Brady BMP21-Lab printer labels succeed!

When it comes to specimen identification, why chance errors due to misread handwriting, smearing ink, and labels that fall off through chain of custody tracking?

For your lab[el] accuracy, Dasco introduces an affordable solution: The portable Brady BMP21-Lab printer. For only $99, you can take this hand held label maker with you and identify your specimens as soon as you draw them. It’s affordable enough for every technician to use one. Print microscope slide labels that resist xylene and ethanol washes, cryovial labels that endure liquid nitrogen and stick to frozen surfaces, and labels sized to fit tubes and vials.

The Brady BMP21-Lab printer features easy-to-read typefaces; built-in symbologies, date stamps, serialization, and barcodes that hold more information in a smaller footprint and provide enhanced sample tracking; vial and tube auto-sizing capabilities; and a variety of label materials on easy loading label cartridges that are lab tested to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, liquid nitrogen, autoclave, and long-term storage without smearing, fading or falling off. The Brady BMP21-Lab printer even comes with a two-year warranty. Improve your lab accuracy by replacing handwritten lab labels with a portable Brady BMP21-Lab label printer. Read more>

Video: Brady BMP21-Lab Label Maker
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