Accurate specimen identification and chain of custody tracking are essential for hospital laboratories to ensure patient safety. Switching from handwritten labels to an on-demand barcode label printing system is a key factor in improving accuracy.

Here are five reasons why on-demand barcode label printing is better than handwritten labels for patient safety:

1. Specimen tracking and traceability: Barcode labels are traceable through the collection, protocol, and storage processes, whereas handwritten labels are not traceable.

2. Accurate identification: Illegible handwriting places specimens at risk for misinterpretation as they move through chain of custody. Why take that risk when a simple solution is available? Barcode printable lab labels are a great choice for improving the accuracy and efficiency of your specimen tracking process, because you'll eliminate errors caused by misread handwriting. Reliable lab-tested barcode labels remain legible and scanable from the time specimens are collected and labeled through the protocol process and chain of custody transfers.

3. Time efficiency: Creating your lab labels with an on-demand barcode printer will save you time when compared with handwritten labels. The rich data recorded on a 2D barcode label may be entered into a data collection system for tracking and traceability through the specimen collection, protocol, and storage. Handwritten labels simply do not offer these automation capabilities.

4. Space efficiency: Lab specimen labels offer a limited write-on area. By using linear and 2D barcodes, you’ll hold a maximum amount of data per footprint than you can with handwritten methods.

5. Reliable identification: Handwritten ink smears and fades when exposed to common lab chemicals. Compare this with lab-tested Brady label materials which are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, liquid nitrogen, autoclave, and hot water without smearing, fading or falling off. Your specimen labels will remain legible and easy-to-scan through protocol processing, chain of custody tracking and transfers, and long-term storage.

Improve your data accuracy when you replace your handwritten labeling system with an on-demand barcode label printing system and lab-tested Brady labels. Call Dasco toll-free at 1-877-855-2235, and we will help you find the best label material and ribbon for your printer and application. Visit