Save Time and Money by Printing Your Wire and Cable Identification On Demand!

Cab thermal printers are perfect for on-the-spot printing of your continuous heat-shrink sleeves.  Plus, no PC is needed!  Just attach your keyboard, scanner, and USB to produce your serialized sleeves and barcode labels in a snap.

Dasco supplies Cab one-sided and two-sided thermal printers which are perfect for on-demand printing of your continuous, flattened, heat-shrink tubing.  The Cab two-sided sleeve printer prints both sides of your liner-mounted sleeves and heat-shrink tubing in one pass! Print your serialized data on one side and your static information on the other – without a PC!

Cab printers are designed with center-justified print heads which allow for even pressure. Combining this feature with the perforation/cutter attachment allow for no-hassle inline printing and perforation/cutting of continuous heat-shrink tubing without jamming!  Less jams mean less material waste, less downtime, and less frustration, so your sleeves print faster and more economically.

In fact, when you compare the costs, a Cab printer will pay for itself in no time when you switch from custom-made labels. Best of all, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your custom labels or pre-printed clip-on wire markers to arrive. Your labels will print as quickly you need them!

Watch the Cab sleeve printers in operation:
Cab EOS1 One-Sided Sleeve Printer

Cab A4+M One-Sided Sleeve Printer

Cab XD4M Printer Two-Sided Sleeve Printer

To learn more about how to save time and money by printing your wire and cable identification on demand, call Dasco toll-free at 1-877-855-2235, and we will help you find the best solution for your application, visit