Supplier Expectations

Dasco Label will continually seek vendors who supply premier products and act as supportive business partners. Dasco will review these relationships frequently to ensure our suppliers maintain these values so we can provide our customers with a competitive edge in Quality, Service, Delivery and Price. These attributes will be accomplished through fairness, honesty and respect.

It is critical that Dasco maintain effective, productive relationships with the supplier community. For this relationship to be productive, it is essential that both buyer and seller follow certain guidelines in the way they conduct business. Dasco has adopted a Code of Conduct which clearly delineates the way in which the organization will conduct itself in activities and its dealings with suppliers. Dasco believes that any relationship, including the negotiation process, requires that both parties follow similar guidelines. To this end, Dasco has adopted this Supplier Expectations document which explains our expectations of our suppliers and suggests the manner in which we wish to be treated as customers and business associates.

Dasco’s Expectations of its Suppliers:

It is our expectation that all Dasco Suppliers will conduct themselves in a responsible, truthful and ethical manner in all dealings with Dasco.

Suppliers shall:

  • Provide pricing that recognizes the aggregated volume of Dasco’s offerings.
  • Honor the terms and conditions as well as the spirit and intent of any agreement between Dasco and Supplier.
  • Refrain from offering Dasco staff, including their spouses and children gifts, gratuities, or entertainment of greater than a nominal ($50) value.
  • No use of substitute materials or products without the prior consent of Dasco.
  • Provide an experienced central point of contact with Dasco that is authorized to speak for and make decisions on behalf of Supplier. Supplier shall respond to inquiries from Dasco within 24 hours of receipt of such inquiries, with a preference of responding within the same business day.
  • When providing quotes and RFQ’s respond within 24 hours with accurate and timely pricing.
  • Work with Dasco staff to develop and support the implementation of marketing and sales materials, and actively support the launch of Dasco’s efforts into the market place.
  • Support the adoption of new technologies that offer significant advantages over current technologies.
  • Support the educational needs of Dasco. This includes adequate in-service training for Supplier’s products and services as well as other educational opportunities that might be available from Supplier.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of terms and prices of Dasco agreements.
  • Provide accurate and timely sales reporting and payments of all administrative fees, rebates or incentives per the terms of Dasco purchasing agreement.
  • To openly share with Dasco areas of improvement needed to improve vendor relationships.


If a Supplier consistently fails to live up to these expectations, the Supplier may be asked to explain its actions to Dasco. Continued violation of these expectations may lead to:

  • Cancellation of agreements with Supplier.
  • Reporting of inappropriate behavior to supervisors, supplier management or supplier ownership.
  • Risk of losing current and future business dealings with Dasco Label.
  • Termination of the business relationship between supplier and Dasco Label.