Vinyl Tape for PowerMark/BBP85-4.00"x50'-White

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White 4.00"x50' Permanent Continuous Vinyl Tape (50'/RL) for BBP85, PowerMark printers
Full Description
These B-595 indoor/outdoor grade vinyl labels are compatible with Brady's BBP85 and PowerMark Sign and Label Printers. They have an ultra-aggresive adhesive and are commonly used for facility and safety identification such as 5S labels, pipe markers, safety and warning labels, equipment labels and arc flash labels. They adhere to  almost any clean, dry surface, including irregular, curved or rough surfaces. They also stick to "difficult" low-surface energy items (e.g. PVC piping, blow-molded equipment cases, ABS plastics and recycled plastics) and stand up to grease, oil and most industrial chemicals. These B-595 vinyl labels have a 8-10 year average outdoor durability in temperatures from 180F to -40F (82C to -40C), can be applied as low as 0F (-18C).