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Dasco Label has worked to find a solution to every application imaginable. These applications take us from manufacturing plants to warehousing and from laboratories to retail shops. We know there is no "one size fits all" solution and work with each individual customer to determine exactly what results you are trying to achieve before determining the best way to do so, within your budget. To learn more about some of the solutions we frequently address, explore by industry or application below or take a look at some of our case studies.

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We understand the complexity of labels and that every component of the label, matters. From the liner and facestock to the adhesive, all of these pieces need to come together seamlessly to create a finished product suitable for certain conditions, temperatures, chemicals and applications in your industry. One week we may be printing on labels that need to identify warehouse bins and the next week we are working with a hospital laboratory to ensure they are choosing labels that can withstand isopropyl alcohol testing while being able to fit on their cryovials.

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While we are here to help you find your solution, we also want you to be informed on how to research & choose the right label. What questions should you be asking? What considerations must you take into account? That is why below, we have gathered information from our experts at Dasco, grouped by application. Whether you buy your supplies from us or another company, these sections will always be here to assist you in becoming more informed. Make sure you get the right product the first time around!

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Did you recently purchase a printer or software package but need some assistance in learning how to operate it? Whether you purchased your hardware from us or not, we would love to provide you and your team with customized training based on your brand of printer as well as your specific application. Reach out for more information on how printer or software training can be beneficial to your company.

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We know our printers inside and out! So when your printer stops working, a ribbon isn't transferring the image you need onto your label or you need help with your software, we are here.

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