Peak Technologies understands

that functioning printers, dispensers and scanners are critical to the success of your business operations. With an outstanding team with over 125 combined years of experience working with our products, we have seen it all. We also believe in not only providing you with standard phone support, but offer video chatting or site visits (for local customers) to show you exactly how to fix the issues you are running into.

Peak Technologies stand behind the hardware we sell. That is why if you encounter any issues after purchasing from us, all you have to do is reach out to our experts and they will help you figure out a solution over the phone or online, free of charge.

If you didn't purchase your hardware from Peak Technologies but are having issues with a printer, dispenser or scanner at your facility, we would be happy to assist you as well! Reach out to our experts with more information about the issue you are dealing with and we will provide a quote.

Reach out to our Experts