Laboratory Labels
In the Lab

When you are in the laboratory, it is critical that your information be properly identified with a label that can resist smearing, fading or falling off. Dasco carries labels for all types of environments, including labels that can withstand exposure to liquid nitrogen, freezers, autoclaves, hot water baths, chemicals and solvents.

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Our most popular lab labels include:

Slide Labels - Smudge proof labels that have a strong self-sticking adhesive that will stay in place, even when stored in freezers or Autoclaves.

Conical, Tube and Vial Labels - Designed with ultra-thin material that prevents vials from jamming in centrifuges or racks. They will withstand harsh temperatures and chemicals without falling off, fading or smearing. These are also available in many different varieties including vial top, free standing, short overlap and short or long-tail over laminate. These labels comply with the NCI specimen tracking initiative.

Additionally we specialize in cryogenic labels for vial tubes and tops as well as xylene and chemical resistant labels for microscope slides. Take a step in improved patient safety by throwing out your handwritten label procedures, decreasing time and increasing accuracy with printed labels for your laboratory.

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