DASCO HAS PC based and portable barcode comparison solutions that allow you to compare barcodes against each other to ensure they match.

These programs allow our customers to compare barcodes to each other to ensure they match, providing you with a high level of data integrity and allowing your team to minimize errors. We offer everything from a basic barcode comparison program to full-fledged programs that allow you to collect your scanned data for additional analysis.  Here are some standard offerings:

  1. PC Based Comparator:  This is installed on your PC and you can scan one code (Master code) and then scan other codes to compare to this master code.  You will receive SCAN MATCH or SCAN DOES NOT MATCH responses based on the results.  See more on our PC based comparator
  2. Portable Comparison:  This is installed on a portable data collection unit that scans both 1D and 2D codes.  The program provides you with 2 options:  Compare 1 to 1 or Compare 1 to many.  See our Portable comparators for more details
  3. Custom Comparison:  We have provided many custom programs, including:  Collecting data for transfer to your PC, comparing segments of barcodes and only allowing certain types of codes to be read, call and talk to a Dasco comparison specialist with your application.

Over the years we have provided several barcode comparison solutions to some of the largest hospitals, manufacturing and warehouse companies in the world. Some areas where our barcode comparison applications reside include:

  1. Hospital laboratories: Comparing barcodes when allocating specimens to insure data integrity and eliminate mislabeled specimens.
  2. Warehousing: Verification that picked items are placed in the proper master container.
  3. General applications: Quality control, Label verification and many others.

Additionally, be sure to check out our Scan/Print Label Duplication Application which allows you to scan a barcode and print a duplicate barcode label. This stand-alone system does not require a computer and can be made portable.

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