Asset Tracking Labels
Protect Your Assets

Asset tags are a great tool to aid companies large and small in the tracking of equipment, control of inventory, prevention of theft and recording of maintenance information. Asset tags can also be used to identify items from components to finished parts as the barcodes remain legible and scannable when subjected to harsh environments.

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Asset tags are made from durable materials with multiple adhesive options for application on several surface types including rough or powdered surfaces. They commonly include company information and a barcode for identification. Utilizing asset tags in your facility, office, school, laboratory, hospital or warehouse results in quicker data entry, more efficient management of your equipment and a reduction of field entry errors.

If you are trying to figure out how to answer questions like, where is my asset? What assets do we currently own? Or, what asset maintenance needs to be done this month? Look no further! Cover your assets with the right label.

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