What Type of Label Do I Need?

There are two main label types, direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. Within each of these types there are endless possibilities of label material, facestock, adhesive and liners. However, the main difference is how you will print on each type of label.

Direct Thermal labels use heat from a print head to pull the ink from beneath the label's facestock for printing. Thermal Transfer labels use the heat from a print head to transfer ink from a ribbon onto the label. Because of these print method differences, direct thermal labels are a great option for shorter term or general labeling while you will typically have more options, durability and versatility with a thermal transfer label.

Additionally, there are less common label types such as laser/ink jet labels, printer specific label rolls and cartridges, wire marking labels and hospital wristbands. And if you can't find the type of label you are looking for? We can custom make the label you need!