Cab ST400 Cutter with Stacker

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The Cab ST400 Cutter with Stacker is a modular attachment for Cab Squix center-aligned printers. The ST400 can be used with standard or textile tags/labels. Printed materials are cut, stacked, and collected to the maximum height.

The ST400 attachment comes with a custom designed base table based on the application.

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Full Description

The ST400 Cutter with Stacker is great for applications with serialized or lotted labels or tags. For use with both standard and textile materials, the ST400 is a great way to organize your printed materials.

The ST400 also includes a custom built base frame designed to fit your specific application.

Due to the unique configuration of the ST400 system, it is reccommended that applications are tested prior to purchase. Please reach to one of our Dasco Solutions Consultants to discuss your application and tailor a custom solution to your needs.