cab VS120+ Electric Dispenser


Vertical dispensing direction for label rolls with top leading print image.  Peel off the label forward from its upper edge and stick it straight to the product:

  • Label Width:  0.80" - 4.70"
  • Label Length:  0.32" - 23.60"
  • Operation Panel allows for additional features and functions
  • Core Size: 1.50" - 3.00"
  • Speed: 4.00" - 8.00"/second
Full Description

The cab VS120+ electric label dispenser ensures that labels can be dispensed and easily applied.  It's vertical dispensing direction allow labels to be peeled forward from its upper edge and stick it right to the product from the shortest distance possible.  Particularly suitable for larger labels as the adhesive side is already directed to the product.  The + version also comes with a operation panel interface that allows for slower dispensing if wanted, manual dispensing instead of automatic if wanted, and also a port on the back of the machine to allow for an external signal to trigger dispensing.  The VS120+ allows for labels up to 4.70"" wide to be dispensed easily with speeds up to 8" per second.