Competing with large businesses can feel like an uphill battle. However, automation technology has helped small manufacturers stay ahead of the curve.

Automation technology used to be an expensive investment reserved for big businesses and industry giants. However, with advancements in automation technology, small businesses can get their foot in the door with an entry-level labeling system like the Squix.

01.The cost effective, integration friendly Cab Squix

While Cab is well known for their line of industrial label printers, the Squix is the most integration-friendly model. Easy to use and built to last, the Squix has a host of options and features that tailor to your specific business needs. Some of these options include: a built-in cutter, internal label rewinder, and peel-and-present plate.

Where the Squix truly shines is in its powerful add-ons that can help you automate your labeling process. The print-and-apply modules fit a variety of applications. Whether you’re applying shipping labels to parcels or product labels to primary packaging, there’s an applicator to fit your needs. Read on to learn more.

02.Label Flat and Round Products with the S1000 Applicator

The S1000 is a real-time applicator attachment for the Squix printer.  It is a versatile and cost-effective automation solution for small to medium sized businesses.

First, the Squix prints the label. The label passes through the peel plate which separates it from the liner. From here, small vacuum holes on the applicator pad pick up the label. The air cylinder lowers, bringing the application pad in contact with the product.

Depending on the type of application module, the label can be applied in one of three ways: Blow-on, Stamp, or Roll-on. The blow-on pad uses compressed air to “blow” the label onto a product up to 0.4 in away. This contactless method of application is suitable for both moving and stationary products. The stamp pad applies labels with light pressure, which is ideal for stationary products. The roll-on module is for round containers. In the labeling position the label is pulled from the pad when a roller rotates the product.

03.Label Microplates and Labware with the S3200

The S3200 is a print-and-apply module for the Squix label printer. This model is perfect for labeling stationary products. With the contactless blow-on pad, this applicator is an excellent solution for laboratories looking to label microplates or other labware.

Once the Squix prints the label, it passes through a peel plate which separates it from the liner. Then, vacuum holes on the applicator pad pick up the label. The application cylinder then rotates to the labeling position, which can be anywhere from 45 – 95 degrees. Depending on the application pad used, label is then either tamped onto the product or blown on with pressurized air.

04.Label products on a conveyer with the S5104

Simple but effective, the S5104 is a label applicator for the Cab Squix specialized for integration with conveyer systems. The pressure roller applies a label to the product as it moves by on the conveyer belt. After a label is applied, a reflective sensor alerts the printer to advance the next label. Once synchronized with the conveyer belt speed, this module helps you save time and money on the production line.

05.Label Test Tubes with the Axon 2

Made to help laboratory technicians do their job more effectively, the Axon 2 is an applicator attachment for the Squix label printer specialized for vials and test tubes. This system prints and applies labels in real time using a system of pressure rollers.

First, the lab technician inserts an unlabeled tube into the product carriage. Then, they press “print” to print & apply the desired label. Once finished, the machine automatically releases the tube. This is an excellent standalone solution for small to medium-sized laboratories.