cab S1000-300 Label Applicator Attachment


Cab S1000-300 Dispensing Module for use with Squix Label Printer

  • Tamp Applicator
  • Applies labels via pad on pneumatic cylinder
  • Stroke length: 11.8 in / 5.6 in below device
  • Compatible with: Squix 2, Squix 4, Squix 4 M, Squix 4.3, Squix 4.3 M, Squix 6.3
Full Description

The S1000-300 applicator transforms a Squix label printer into an automated labeling system. The S1000 module installs in minutes. Simply snap it into place on a compatible Squix printer and you’re ready to print and apply. Combined with the intuitive interface of the Squix, the S1000 applicator is easy to use and learn, no special training required.

The S1000 is a highly adaptable applicator. It can label products at various heights thanks to its pneumatic cylinder labeling system. Generally, the S1000 applicator and attached printer are mounted above the labeling area. When triggered, the application pad lowers a peeled label to the product surface by means of the pneumatic cylinder. From the label uptake position, the pneumatic cylinder on the S1000-300 extends to a maximum of 11.8 inches, or 5.6 in below the bottom of the device.

A standard S1000 applicator does not include a tamp applicator pad. Other options include a roll-on applicator pad for round products and a blow-on applicator pad for touchless labeling. Roll-on and blow-on applicator pads must be purchased separately.

The S1000 printer applicator is excellent for manufacturing and packaging applications. Whether you are applying shipping labels to boxes or labeling components with unique serial numbers, the S1000 printer applicator helps you do your job more efficiently.

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