cab S5104 Dispensing Module

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Cab S5104 dispensing module for use with the Cab Squix printer.

- Labels Products on a Conveyer

- Pressure Roller Applicator

- Reflective Sensor

- Compatible with Squix 4 or Squix 4.3

Full Description

The S5104 module turns your Cab Squix printer into an automated labeler. This entry-level automation system is easy to set up and use. With it, you can label flat, fixed-height product surfaces automatically while in-line.  Designed for use with conveyer systems, the applicator applies labels to products in motion. When the sensor detects a product in labeling position, the machine advances a peeled label, and the pressure roller tamps it down on the product.

The S5104 applicator module is ideal for manufacturing and shipping. Whether you are applying shipping labels to parcels, verification labels to product packaging, or applying barcode labels directly to a component, the S5104 helps you do your job better.

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