Handjet EBS-260 Portable Ink-Jet Printer


The EBS-260 portable ink-jet printer brings state-of-the-art innovation to a product already ahead of its time.  Featuring a color touchscreen LCD for on the fly programing, this is truly a stand-alone wireless printing system.  

The EBS-260 uses solvent-based inks in an array of colors, providing fast and clean printing on a variety of surfaces including metal, glass, corrugate, and plastic.  The high volume cartridges provide up to 200,000 characters without needing a refill.

  • 16 dpi
  • LCD Touchscreen Interface
  • Wireless programming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Can be wirelessly paired with optical scanners or other input devices.
  • USB Input
  • 2GB onboard memory
  • >50,000 projects with up to 10,000 characters each
Full Description

By doubling the available print height, the HandJet EBS-260 is capable of printing detailed messages and images, including logos and 2D barcodes.  And thanks to the unit's narrow dot rows, up to four separate lines can be printed in a single, hand-held pass.

The HanJet EBS-260 uses a variety of quick-drying and application-specific inks: ethanol-, acetone-, or MEK-based in different colors, UV legible, food-grade, and more.

Single or multi-line messages from .276" to 2.2" high can be printed on both porous and non-porous substrates.  It's ideal for imprinting corrugated, paper, film, foil, glass, metal, lumber, concrete, and many other surfaces.

The HandJet EBS-260 also features an all-new, color touch-screen controller.  The over 3.5"-diagonal, hardened screen enables the user to view the message being printed and various operational parameters.  This large, highly-readable screen makes it easy to adjust print parameters at the touch of a finger, ensuring optimum printing results without interupting work flow.

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