Cleaning Cartridge Acetone 110ml for EBS-250


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Cleaning cartridge for EBS-250 Acetone based printers.


Full Description

Cleaning Procedure: Black Acetone Based Ink

  • Daily: The print nozzle on the face of the printer should be sprayed with the Acetone External Cleaning Solution (EBS2A004AR) fluid and dry the nozzle plate face with a microfiber cloth.
  • Weekly: Purge the unit by flushing the system using the Acetone Cleaning Cartridge (EBS4A004AR)

How-To Purge:

  • Power down the printer
    • Remove the ink cartridge
    • Before Installing a cleaning cartridge, ensure you have the proper cartridge or the printer will not accept it. Your cleaning cartridge should match the type of ink your printer is configured to print.
    • Power on the printer and printer will begin to pressurize, wait for the printer to complete pressurization
  • In a well-ventilated area rapidly press the trigger three times, hold the trigger down on the third press.
    • The unit will sound three beeps
    • Point the unit towards a scrap piece of cardboard/hazmat container
    • The unit will sound two beeps then fire all 16 nozzles at once
    • Purge the unit for approximately. 10-15 seconds, then release the trigger.
  • Power down the unit and install the ink cartridge to prevent dust and contaminants from entering the unit.

This product requires hazmat certification to ship and is nonrefundable unless the unopened product can be returned to Dasco.